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Brooks & Collier Featured in November 2020 Issue of Alabama Retail Magazine

Oct. 28, 2020; Alabama Retail Magazine

During the holiday season, when you see the 10-foot-tall reindeer topiary after turning off Pratt Avenue and going under I-565 in downtown Huntsville, you’ve arrived at Brooks & Collier.

From the big picture window decked out with twinkle lights and fresh wreaths on the front door to the ornate iron chandelier over the cash registers laced with tree boughs, Brooks & Collier goes all out for the holidays.

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Brooks & Collier, Greg Brooks, Foster Brooks

Brooks & Collier's tips to elevate your outdoor life this fall

Sept. 22, 2019; The Scout Guide Huntsville

We interviewed Foster Brooks of Brooks & Collier, Huntsville’s Indoor and Outdoor Living Headquarters, and got all the insider tips for Fall!

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Brooks & Collier, The Scout Guide
Brooks & Collier, Scout Guide

Brooks & Collier returns to retail market with treats from the Far East

Feb. 21, 2012;

Here’s how the owner of one of the most traditional businesses in Huntsville prepared for his return to the retail market: a month of buying merchandise in China.

There were also trips to Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, among other places.

Containers of outdoor wicker furniture were purchased in the Philippines. Tables made of recycled pine came from China.

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