Heritage. Design. Craft.

For more than 40 years, Castelle® has led the casual furnishings industry with one goal in mind – to create Handcrafted Luxury Furnishings – made in the Americas. All Castelle products are produced using USA raw materials.

Our furniture is constructed by combining high quality extrusions with cast components designed and manufactured in our own foundry resulting in our overall product excellence. The ability to transform aluminum into original looks and styles is what truly make us one of a kind.

Each Castelle product is handcrafted one piece at a time by the most highly skilled craftsmen in the industry. From design inspirations to the skilled hands of sculptors and craftsmen, culminating in the highly trained custom finishing department, all contribute to the artistry and luxury that is Castelle.

Our Castelle Collections
Brooks & Collier, Castelle Barclay Butera
Barclay Butera Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle Bellagio Collection, fire pits
Bellagio Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle, Berkeley
Berkley Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle, Bordeaux
Bordeaux Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle
Monterey Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle, Nature's Wood
Nature's Wood Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle, Orion
Orion Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle Park Place, fire pits
Park Place Collection
Brooks & Collier, Castelle, Santa Fe
Sante Fe Collection