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Skyline Design is a luxury outdoor furniture brand that combines modern design and technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce chemical and UV resistant, all-weather proof premium furniture. Versatility, comfort, design and affordability are the unique features of Skyline Designs outdoor furniture. They offer a range of choices in design, materials and colors, both in terms of wicker and fabric, to create the perfect outdoor setting for you and your home.

Skyline Design outdoor furniture ranges from dining, living sets and day beds to bar sets and sun loungers. You may either choose from its range of smaller sized sets, which will fit comfortably in your home?s balcony or bigger pieces suitable for larger spaces. They are manufactured specifically to withstand rain or shine with minimum care and maintenance.

Skyline Design’s outdoor furniture will change how your outdoor decks and balconies look and feel. Whether you are enjoying time alone on your balcony or time with your friends and family, these unique collections have something for each and every occasion.

Skyline Design creates beautiful outdoor furniture pieces which are in line with the current trends in interior design. Visit Brooks & Collier today see this new collection of contemporary outdoor furniture or browse their website here.

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