Halo Outdoor Heater

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Outdoor Order understands the importance of tradition, but why not incrementally improve a time-honored design? The Halo Outdoor Heater is just such an effort. In the traditional mushroom-style, but with commercial construction and easy-to-use mechanics, this workhorse of the heater world is better than ever. Boasting 48,000 Tru BTUs spread over an impressive 10-foot radius, the Halo can give you 8 hours of warm comfort. Instead of your typical flimsy big-box store models, the Halo is commercial grade 304 Steel and is available in five premium finishes including our gorgeous new Titanium. Throw in Outdoor Order’s top-notch customer service,  you’re left with a fully supported product you will love.

Halo Outdoor Heater Features:

  • 48,000BTU (LP)/42,000BTU (NG)
  • 10 Foot Heat Radius
  • 8 Hour Run Time
  • Traditional Design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Electric Ignition
  • Safety Tilt Switch