Solair Shade

Solair retractable awnings are the perfect solution to the sun problems on your deck or patio. When extended, they provide shade when and where you need it. They also complete your outdoor space. When retracted, the awning rolls up and blends into your home. And since Solair awnings are motorized, all this happens with the push of a button.

Solair frames are made of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum. The heart of the system is the Solair motor, opening and closing your world of shade at the click of a button. Made to work every time, for a long time.

The fabric on a Solair awning is Sunbrella fabric. With over a hundred colors and designs to choose from, shade has never been so stylish.

Solair Shade Benefits

Solair retractable awnings are precision engineered shade systems for the modern family and today’s modern lifestyle. A Solair awning will transform your overheated deck or patio into a whole new outdoor living space. One that’s up to 20 degrees cooler, more elegant and perfect for outdoor parties, grilling with the family, or just hanging out.

Your outdoor space suddenly feels more complete. You realize it does so much more than provide shade. It creates a breakfast nook for morning coffee and newspaper reading. Or a playhouse where the kids can enjoy fresh air while they play games. Or your own café for lunch with a friend. Or an evening hangout where the best parties in the neighborhood last long into the night.

It doesn’t just block the sun during the hot afternoon, it makes your outdoor space more enjoyable all day long. It creates a special mood, a unique vibe.