Indoor Furniture

At Brooks & Collier, furnishing and decorating every room in your home is an adventure. We offer a great selection of indoor furniture to help you bring the outside in. Our home furnishing specialists help unleash your creative flair.

Reflecting the uniqueness of you.

You bought or built your home with broad-based ideas about interior themes. Your head is full of bright ideas for how every room will look with a little paint, wallpaper, chair rails, furniture, rugs, artwork, and bric-a-brac. Bringing those ideas out of your head and into the room itself is another process entirely — one that requires a little adventure shopping that challenges your creative side.

The interior furnishings and decor we carry at Brooks & Collier is unlike what you will find in a big box chain store. It is daring but functional, sometimes exotic but always comfortable, vibrant yet harmonious. We help you capture the uniqueness of you.

Comfort and Style at an Affordable Price. We are neither traditional nor trendy. We focus on helping you integrate your personality with comfort, versatility, affordability, and style.

Exotic Imports

Brooks & Collier styles itself as a home and garden center that specializes in selling unique furniture from all over the world.

Every year, Greg Brooks travels throughout the Far East buying exotics from China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. He travels worldwide searching for exotic merchandise you won't find anywhere else.

Brooks & Collier also works with local and regional furniture designers and carpenters to make a proprietary line of furniture that is sold exclusively at Brooks & Collier.